Memphis Shades brings you a whole new level of style when it comes to custom motorcycle windshields. The quality, style, selection and custom mounting hardware sets these windshields apart from the pack. They are the clear choice for riders who want a stylish custom windshield for their motorcycle.

No matter if you ride a big-inch cruiser or a stylish street custom Memphis Shades has the perfect windshield for your bike and riding style. Made with LuciteĀ® for unmatched clarity and weather resistance.


How To Buy A Windshield That Fits

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Most riders like to be able to see over their windshields. But in order to do this and still get ample protection, the windshield must reach up between the tip and the bridge of a riders nose. If it doesn't, a rider will experience mild to severe buffeting.

Many riders like looking through their windshields, but what they often fail to account for is rain. When it rains everyone has to look over the top of the windshield in order to see clearly. When choosing a windshield it's vital a rider chooses one that isn't so high that he or she can't comfortably extend themselves to see up over the top of the windshield.